Marie Javins


Marie Javins is a writer, comic book creator, traveler, and blogger who alternates between roaming the planet by public bus, overseeing the output of a Kuwait-based superhero comic book company as editor in chief, and writing books entirely unrelated to her day job. In 2001, she circumnavigated the world by surface transport live on In 2011, she did it again, but in reverse, this time allowing herself the use of airplanes.

Javins has written four books, coauthored two more, and updated another. She has also contributed to several anthologies and travel websites. Her Wander Woman blog appears every Sunday on the UK’s Wanderlust magazine’s website.

Known for her acclaimed work as an editor and colorist at Marvel Comics during the nineties, Javins has also edited for Scholastic, Radical, and colored Disney comic books for Gemstone Comics. She’s been involved in several independent publishing ventures and teaches digital coloring at New York’s School of Visual Arts. Javins is a partner in Botfriend, a graphic novel packaging partnership with writer/editor Stuart Moore.

Originally from Northern Virginia, Javins considers herself a New Yorker but has lived in Australia, Barcelona, Uganda, Namibia, New Jersey, Kuwait, and Cairo since the last time she called Manhattan home. She can say "hello," "thank you," and "how much" in seven languages.

About the Author

Recent Works

Art of Thor: The Dark World (Marvel, 2013, coauthor)

Iron Man Extremis: the Novel  (Marvel, 2013, author)

Art of Iron Man 3 (Marvel, 2013, coauthor)

Wander Woman (Wanderlust magazine, 2011-13, blogger)

Marie’s World Tour 2011 (, 2011, blogger) WINNER-2013 Solas Awards for Brazzaville Blues

The Way to a Woman’s Heart (Perceptive Travel, 2010, author)

3-D World Tour Atlas for Children (Chronicle Books, 2008, author)

Bragging Rights: Antarctica (Perceptive Travel, 2008, author) WINNER-2009 Solas Awards

Stalking the Wild Dik-Dik (Seal Press, 2006, author)

Best in Tent Camping: New Jersey (Menasha Ridge Press, 2005, author)

Best in Tent Camping: Virginia (Menasha Ridge Press, 2004, update author)

Make the Most of Your Time on Earth (Rough Guides, 2007, contributor)

Journeys of a Lifetime (National Geographic, 2007, contributor)